SOSA – Senckenberg Ocean Species Alliance

Red List Unit

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species is a powerful tool to asses the status of species and inform stakeholders, such as governmental environmental agencies, NGOs, national parks and researchers, as well as the general public about options for conservation.

The SOSA Red List Unit promotes red listing activities among marine biodiversity researchers, coordinates the Marine Invertebrate Red List Authority (MIRLA) within the IUCN Red List and assesses the extinction risk of marine invertebrates including SOSA´s newly discovered species.

To increase the number of certified assessors for marine invertebrates, the Red List Unit regularly facilitates training to biodiversity experts all over the world. 

Amount of species on the IUCN Red List assessed by SOSA

critically endangered 40
endangered 33
vulnerable 43
near threatened 45
least concern 25
Total number of species listed by SOSA 186
  Status 23/05/2023
  (including species reported in Thomas EA et al., 2021)