SOSA – Senckenberg Ocean Species Alliance

Public Engagement Unit

The species of the oceans are fascinating and beautiful, but largely unknown to the public. Their importance in the Earth system is often forgotten, especially that of invertebrate organisms.

The Public Engagement Unit connects the people world-wide and sheds light on marine species:


                                                                                        Reach out
                                                                    to people to make science accessible

                                          people to see the beauty and the vulnerability of marine organisms

                                                       people to fight climate change and species extinction


The overall goal of SOSA is to initiate an ocean species movement. To trigger change and progress for species conservation efforts in the oceans, we all must work together: scientists, politicians, society.

Do you want to be part of our growing network? Do you have interesting projects to share? Or do you want to initiate outreach campaigns with us? Please contact us!

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