SOSA – Senckenberg Ocean Species Alliance

Discovery Unit

Named species are easier to study, protect and appreciate because scientific names help us all communicate across cultural and language barriers around the globe.

The Discovery Unit is a scientific service. We provide technical support for high quality species description using cross cutting technical integrative approach.

This technical service includes all relevant data acquisition such as specimen and tissue preparation, state-of-the-art illustration and imaging as well as DNA barcoding.

For each discovery, the other SOSA units come into play. The Red List Unit will estimate the conservation potential of the described species and undertake the needed steps for a Red List assessment where feasible.

The Engagement Unit will disseminate the new discoveries and reach out to the public, for instance through social media campaigns.

A list of all SOSA publications can be found here.

The Discovery Unit is currently in the developmental and testing stage. In the future, calls for applications for discovery projects will open frequently.


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