SOSA – Senckenberg Ocean Species Alliance

The Project

SOSA has been established within the Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum in 2022 to accelerate invertebrate species description and drive global conservation efforts.

Our knowledge about biodiversity of the oceans is very incomplete and an estimated 91 % of the marine species are still unknown. Although most of these are invertebrates, they are underrepresented in conservation efforts.

Increasing environmental changes and other human impacts lead to massive biodiversity loss – on land and in the sea. Marine species are dying out before they have even been discovered.

Therefore, SOSA is all about:

discover, protect, inspire.

Our aim is to speed up the taxonomic description of new marine invertebrate species and to assess their conservation status within the IUCN Red List. We are committed to discover and protect them before they become extinct.

To share our fascination for marine biodiversity we connect people to Planet Ocean.