This Squid Will Turn You On

This squid isn’t the only ocean animal that’s glowing to meet you! You can get to know many luminous creatures – like shrimp, fish, jellyfish, coral and starfish – right here at the deep-sea exhibit at the Senckenberg Museum Frankfurt. Dive into life in the deep sea, where the only light around is produced by animals through bioluminescence. Make these animals light up for you in the interactive exhibit!

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Dive deeper into your date with the sea:

Deep Sea Museum Exhibit

Take your date with the ocean to the next level, and explore this underwater world with all your senses at Senckenberg Museum Frankfurt’s Deep Sea Exhibit.

#LivingLight Instagram Series

Interested in more animals that are sure to light you up? Check out SOSA’s #LivingLight Instagram Series that illuminates bioluminescent animals of the depths.

Grow your Glow Knowledge

Curious how deep-sea animals are able to glow, check out this article featuring SOSA PhD Researcher, Anchita Casaubon: Always have a lantern with you.



The Deep Sea exhibit is a permanent exhibit at the Senckenberg Natural History Museum that allows you to experience this incredible under-water environment and the animals within in it. 

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