SOSA - Senckenberg Ocean Species Alliance

Watch the new Terra X Documentary 

Have you ever wondered what happens on a research ship? How do scientists collect and and sort specimens they discover? What happens when they find an animal that is new to science?

The new Terra X documentary accompanies Senckenberg and SOSA researchers aboard the research vessel ‘Sonne’ through their everyday life at sea. The expedition explores, among other things, one of the longest deep-sea trenches in the oceans: the Aleutian Trench. This incredible ‘floating laboratory’ stops at various stations to take samples from the deep sea. Once these samples are collected and brought up from the depths of the ocean, researchers can investigate what types of interesting creatures live 8,000 meters below the surface. Learn more about the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of taxonomy by watching the Terra X documentary: Sieben Wochen mit einer Expedition auf hoher See – Alptraum oder Traumjob?

The video is currently only available in German.