Voting started for the International Mollusc of the Year Competition!

Have you ever wondered how some animals evolved from living in water to living on land? What about how some animals obtained the ability to glow? Or if similar (and not so similar) looking species are closely related?

These are the types of questions that could be potentially answered (or at least better understood) through genome sequencing. Complete genome sequencing is a technique that determines the entirety of a DNA sequence of an organism’s genome. It’s also the much-coveted prize of the annual International Mollusc of the Year competition!

The International Mollusc of the Year competition is a collaboration between LOEWE TBG, Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung, and Unitas Malacologica, aimed at celebrating the incredible diversity and inspiring fascination for all worldwide molluscs. It also makes complete genome sequencing accessible for one very lucky species. Every year, researchers and mollusc enthusiasts from all around the globe nominate mollusc species to compete for the genome sequencing prize. Five mollusc competitors were selected from over 50 nominees to participate in this year’s competition. Each of these creature competitors comes equipped with unique features and charismatic characteristics, but most exciting are the secrets that could be potentially unlocked through genome sequencing!

Check out this year’s competitors in the gallery! Click the link below to learn some fascinating facts about each of the nominees and discover what could be learned through genomic sequencing of each species. And after you’ve decided which magnificent mollusc is your favorite, make sure you VOTE! Hurry, voting ends April 14th!

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